[No.7785-D1208] Bell-ennium Digital Magnetic Stirrer 1 Position 230v 8L

Bell-ennium Magnetic Stirrers are designed for both cell cultures in spinner flasks as well as for general laboratory procedures requiring the use of magnetic stirring equipment. Bell-ennium stirrers offer the laboratory researcher a wide range of capabilities and the latest innovations in stirring technology. Bell-ennium stirrers feature brush-less maintenance free DC motors with drive assemblies designed for quiet operation. Stainless steel covers are stamped to show the vessel positions for accurate placement and optimum performance. The Bell-ennium single position low profile chassis measure 10 x 11 x 3 3/8” and are designed to fit side-by-side in Bellco incubators. Units are powered by standard 24V in-line power supplies and are CE compliant.

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