[No.4440] Elplasia 6-well Black/Clear Round Bottom Ultra-Low Attachment, Microcavity Plate, with Lid

The only plates with a simple “plug and play” protocol for scaffold-free, self-assembly spheroid formation at large volumes.

Novel well geometry and surface coatings, including Corning Ultra Low Attachment (ULA) featured on the round bottom plates. Corning ULA surface is hydrophilic, biologically inert and non-degradable, which promotes highly reproducible spheroid formation and easy harvesting.

Corning Elplasia round bottom plates optimal for bulk spheroid formation, collection and expansion.  Round bottom plates feature Corning Ultra-Low Attachment surface and are available in 6-, 24- and 96-well formats.

  • Spheroids may be formed and cultured for 21 or more days
  • Can produce between 79 – 15,000+ spheroids per well, depending on plate format, under one culture condition
  • The high volume of spheroids generated in each well increase signals per well without increasing spheroid size
  • Black opaque sidewalls to reduce well-to-well “cross-talk”
  • Well suited for fluorescent/luminescent assays
  • Available in multiple formats, two well geometries and surface coating options.

More information: corning.com