[No.432010] CoolCell SV2 Freezing Container, for 12 x 2 mL Serum Vials

Corning CoolCell alcohol-free cell freezing containers ensure standardized controlled-rate -1°C/minute cell freezing in a -80°C freezer – without alcohol or any fluids. Proven for use with a variety of cell types including stem cells, primary cells, PBMC cell lines, insect cells, yeast and others. The proprietary CoolCell technology utilizes a thermo-conductive alloy core and highly-insulative outer material to control the rate of heat removal and provide reproducible cell cryopreservation. CoolCell units are easy to use and deliver comparable results to expensive programmable freezers.

  • For 12 standard 2.0 mL injectable ampules.
  • Radially symmetric for uniform freezing of injectable ampules.
  • Easy open lid.
  • Exposed vial tops when lid is open for quick, organized removal of frozen samples.

More information: corning.com