[No.10-016-CM] 1L Iscoves Modification of DMEM [+] L-glutamine,25 mM HEPES [-] beta-thioglycerol, beta-mercaptoethanol

Technical Advantage:  Substitution of Pyridoxine HCl for Pyridoxal ensures improved stability over the original formulation.
Iscove’s Modification of DMEM (IMDM) is a highly enriched synthetic medium optimized for rapidly proliferation cultures of high cell density.  A modified form of Dulbecco’s Modified eagle Medium (DMEM), Iscove’s contains additional amino acids, vitamins, selenium and HEPES buffer, and is formulated with potassium nitrate in place of ferric nitrate.  The addition of albumin and transferrin may be required for certain cell types.  This formulation is produced with L-glutamine and 25 mM HEPES, and do not contain alpha-thioglycerol and beta-mercaptoethanol.
–  Complete Certificate of Analysis available for each production lot, along with full formulation information.

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