[No.04-0012] Y27632 (2 mg)

Y27632 is a cell-permeable small molecule Rho-associated kinase (ROCK) inhibitor1. Y27632 has been found to prevent apoptosis as well as enhance the survival and cloning efficiency of dissociated human embryonic stem (ES) cells without affecting their self-renewal properties or pluripotency2. This molecule has also been shown to enhance survival during the transplantation of ES cell-derived neural precursors3. Y27632 in combination with Pifithrin-u significantly improves cell recovery after cryopreservation4.

Stemolecule Y27632 is also available as a 10 mM DMSO Stock Solution (Cat. No. 04-0012-02).

Y27632 is widely used in naive stem cell protocols5, such as the 5i/L/A/ protocol.

Stemgent conveniently provides all the components comprising the 5i/L/A media supplement necessary to support naive pluripotent stem cell applications.

5i (inhibitors):

L: Stemfactor LIF, Human Recombinant (03-0016), and

A: Stemfactor Activin A, Human Recombinant (03-0001)

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