[No.2592] 96-well Clear Polystyrene High Bind Stripwell Microplate, 25 per Bag, without Lid, Nonsterile

  • Designed for in vitro diagnostic assays
  • Flat bottom strips are designed to easily break apart and are pre-assembled in an style strip holder that allows each individual well to be positioned back into the plate once broken
  • High binding surface binds medium (>10kD) and large biomolecules that possess ionic groups and/or hydrophobic regions. Binding capacity is approximately 400 to 500ng IgG/cm². Ideal for immunoassays
  • Recommended working volume of 75 to 200 µL
  • 1X8 Strips fit only one way into the strip holder, eliminating the chance of misorientation

More information: corning.com