[No.3820] Low Volume 384 Well Black Flat Bottom Polystyrene NBS™ Microplate, without Lid, Nonsterile, 10/Pack, 50/Case

  • Round well design with a solid black flat bottom
  • 2.8mm distance between well bottoms to plate bottom
  • 50 µL total well volume, with recommended working volume of 5-40 µL
  • High base plate design is compatible with automation and for bar coding
  • Validated by Molecular Devices for the FLIPR reader. Outer wells aligned for proper viewing with FLIPR
  • Ideal for miniaturized 384 well fluorescent homogeneous assays
  • Nonbinding surface (NBS) is a Corning proprietary treatment technology used on polystyrene microplates to create a nonionic hydrophilic surface (polyethylene oxide-like) that minimizes molecular interactions

More information: corning.com