[No.3505] FiltrEX 96-well White Filter Plates with 0.2 µm PVDF Membrane, Sterile

The Corning ® FiltrEX™ 96 well white filter plate with 0.2 µm hydrophilic PVDF membrane was designed with your application needs in mind. Specific design features include:

  • Meets the ANSI/SBS1-2004 through ANSI/SBS 4-2004 standard dimensions to ensure automation compatibility
  • Rigid sidewalls make the plate ideal for automation handling
  • Wide skirt easily accommodates bar codes
  • Individual filter discs are sealed in the wells by a proprietary over-molding process to ensure 100% integrity of each well
  • The design of the nozzle prevents cross-contamination while allowing the plate to rest on the lab bench
  • 350 µL working volume
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation

More information: corning.com