[No.3572] 384-well Low Flange White Flat Bottom Polystyrene Not Treated Microplate, 10 per Bag, without Lid, Nonsterile

  • White wall plates are designed to reduce well-to-well crosstalk during luminescent assays
  • Recommended working volume of up to 20 to 80 µL
  • Enhanced flatness provides low intra- and inter- plate CV’s.
  • Conforms to standard microplate footprint and dimensions
  • Not treated (or medium binding) polystyrene surface is hydrophobic in nature and binds biomolecules through passive interactions
  • Is suitable primarily for the immobilization of large molecules, such as antibodies, that have large hydrophobic regions that can interact with the surface
  • Untreated microplates have a binding capacity of approximately 100 to 200ng IgG/cm²
  • Ideal for today’s more sensitive assays and plate readers.

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