[No.002] Denarase (for manufacturing under GMP)

About DENARASE® High Salt

How it works
DENARASE® High Salt is an engineered version of the wild-type Serratia marcescens endonuclease, which is commonly used for DNA removal applications in bioprocessing. Compared to the wild-type DENARASE® a few amino acids were substituted to provide the enzyme with an improved salt tolerance without losing its specificity for nucleic acids. DENARASE® High Salt shows higher activity over a wider range of salt concentrations and pH levels and so offers greater flexibility in bioprocessing.
Because of the great similarities to the wild-type enzyme, DENARASE® High Salt can be detected using the same Serratia marcescens endonuclease ELISA Kits, such as DENARASE® ELISA Kit.

Production of DENARASE® High Salt
DENARASE® High Salt is produced using our established, proprietary DENARASE® manufacturing process which is based on the expression in a gram-positive Bacillus sp. strain. The enzyme is produced under ISO 9001 standard, without the use of antibiotics and raw materials of animal origin or TSE/BSE risk.

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