[No.G2028-1L] Ice-Bath Free Fast Film Transfer Buffer (Powder)

This product is a safe and harmless buffer for rapid wet membrane transfer in Western Blot, which can efficiently and quickly transfer proteins to the blotting membrane. Without methanol, the film transfer process can be completed within 15-30 min.

Safe and non-toxic: This product does not contain toxic and harmful components, and does not need to use highly toxic reagents such as methanol.

The transfer effect of the transfer buffer is the same or better than that of the traditional transfer buffer.

Rapid membrane transfer without ice bath: With rapid membrane transfer buffer, proteins on polyacrylamide gels can be transferred to imprinted membranes such as PVDF membrane or nitrate fiber membrane (NC membrane) in a constant flow membrane of 400 mA for 15-30 min, and the heat production is lower than that of conventional membrane transfer buffer.

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