[No.SVT-2] Electrophoresis System (Transfer)

1. Product introduction

This product can be used with SVE-2 vertical electrophoresis. The electric field is used to transfer the proteins, nucleic acids, etc. in the gel after electrophoresis to the transfer membrane, and then the charged particles are further analyzed and studied by means of biochemical analysis.

2. Product Features

a. Double plate structure, can be used with SVE-2 electrophoresis tank.

b. The tank of the instrument is integrated injection molding with high transparency polycarbonate, it’s corrosion resistance, high transparency, consistent performance, etc..

c. The positive and negative electrodes of the transfer clip are distinct, with a handle function, which is easy to operate.

d. High transfer efficiency, transfer time is about 20-40min.

e. Strong structure can be synchronized with the ice bath cooling to avoid interference caused by overheating, so as to ensure reliable experimental results.

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