Corning Cell Counter – Download Update 1.5 Now

The most important features of the release include:

Improved image analysis using all new Algorithm 3.0

– Better detection of smaller cells
– Better detection of cells within clusters
– Improved detection of dead cells

Wider range of cell sizes now possible

– Counting objects: 4-70 micrometer
– Detecting viability: 5-70 micrometer

Improved CV values at all concentration levels

The new Corning Cell Counter version 1.5 software has the ability to take multiple images at different positions in a counting slide, called Multi-CountTM. Multi-CountTM enables you to use a larger portion of the sample volume, which means lower error and %CV for each count.

Advanced cells size gating

– Real time visualization
– Auto-gating
Both ‘Auto gate’ and real time gating visualization features have been implemented into the software, allowing users to see the cells that have been included and excluded – this gated data can also be exported in Excel format.

Feature list: Complete overview of Version 1.5 features

Software download: Version 1.5 of the Corning® Cell Counter application