Corning® Elplasia® 12K Flask

Culture Thousands of Spheroids in a Convenient Flask Format

With the effectiveness of 3D cell culture in many areas of research, including
anti-cancer drug screening and in vitro tumor studies, the need for better
methods to produce replicate spheroids of uniform size in mass quantities
has emerged.
The Corning Elplasia 12K flask addresses this need by enabling researchers to
generate a high density of spheroids in a scaffold-free model.
The Corning Elplasia 12K flask contains 152 microcavities per cm2 in a vessel
footprint similar to that of a T-75 flask. Gravity, in conjunction with the Corning
Ultra-Low Attachment (ULA) surface, and a rounded microcavity geometry enable
formation of approximately 12,000 spheroids of similar shape and size.
The ULA surface, a proprietary, animal-free, covalently bonded hydrogel, promotes
the formation and easy harvesting of spheroids.
The microcavity geometry allows spheroids to remain in place during medium
exchange without compromising full recovery at harvest time. The flask’s
internal diverter feature allows for minimal disruption of spheroids during liquid
handling steps.

The Corning Elplasia 12K flask is compatible with many tumor, normal, and primary cell types often used for 3D cell culture, and may be used across many
applications including:
◗ Drug screening
◗ Cancer/Tumor biology
◗ Stem cell biology
◗ Cell therapy research
◗ 3D tissue engineering

Key Features
◗ Corning ULA surface
◗ Optically clear, gas permeable polystyrene film with low autofluorescence
◗ Liquid diverter feature to minimize impact of liquid flow during medium exchange steps and flask handling
◗ 80 cm2 surface area with 152 microcavities per cm2 generate approximately 12,000 spheroids of uniform size and shape per flask
◗ Round well-bottom geometry
◗ Microcavity geometry dimensions: 850 x 650 μm (top diameter x depth), with working spheroid growth dimensions of 500 x 600 μm (diameter x depth)
◗ 25 to 50 mL working volume

Key Benefits
◗ Ease of spheroid formation, culture, assessment, and harvest
◗ Creates uniform spheroid formation at large volumes with an easy to use “plug and play” ready protocol
◗ Scaffold-free cultures
◗ Culture spheroids for up to 30 or more days (cell line-dependent)
◗ Highly reproducible bulk spheroid formation across microcavities
◗ Common media reservoir for equivalent culture conditions for all spheroids
◗ Compatible with brightfield and fluorescent microscopy

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